Fashion on Friday: What Katie Did Christmas Soirée

I can think of no nicer place to celebrate Christmas than in the What Katie Did Boutique, nestled away in the quieter corners of Portobello Market. Surrounding myself with the very best dressed ladies and gentlemen in town, and countless pieces of delicately stitched yet perfectly lump’n’bump taming underwear could easily become part of my festive routine!

I have written before about my love for What Katie Did (and you can click here to read that) but let me again reiterate that key to my love of dressing in a retro/vintage-inspired style is the underpinnings of vintage-inspired underwear. If you have ever watched an old movie and marvelled at the almost comical conical breasts of an actress, demurely hidden beneath a sweater but almost more obvious by their concealment, what you are seeing is the classic shape of a bullet bra. These were fashionable in the 1940s and 1950s for any woman who wanted that Lana Turner ‘Sweater Girl’ look… and you can buy one today. What Katie Did make one. Click here…

Every outfit that I wear is underpinned by something from What Katie Did. I would show you but I made a very conscious design NOT to show you when three separate social media experts advised me that I could increase my followers by showing my underwear.

If I ever show you my undies, it will be for art, not for numbers. Sorry. Tell me to do something and I won’t do it!

My look for the evening in store was inspired by my current addiction to 1930s styling. I was channeling Jean Harlow and Mae West in this navy velvet gown by Voodoo Vixen.

Nicki 30s Navy Velvet Gown by Voodoo Vixen (RRP £58.00) Click picture to view and buy!

The What Katie Did element of this outfit comes in the shape of my go-to item, the Glamour Nouveau Corselette. This piece features a gentle waist cincher and its long length smooths out any lumps and bumps, giving clean lines to the curves.

I adore wearing this dress. It makes me feel so effortlessly glamorous as it is actually very comfy and fairly loose fitting as well as completely covered up. At only £58.00, I would suggest this to anyone who wanted to dip a toe into retro high glamour without feeling retrained or exposed. Perhaps not great for shorter peeps, I am 5′ 6″ and wearing stilletto heels in the picture above.

The shoulder has the most wonderful little cap to it. You can see it in this super cute selfie with my partners in crime for the evening, Miss Lilian Love, and the Bogey to my Bacall, Chris White.

My double-date for the evening, Miss Lilian Love and my husband, Chris.

Of course, I wouldn’t turn up to a soiree empty-handed so I whipped up some cupcakes – mint chocolate, and cinnamon swirl flavours – decorated with delicate peach coloured sugar roses.

The stunning models, Audrey Hipturn, Ria Fend, and Miss Sugar Rush tuck in to my cupcakes.

These quick pictures should give you an idea of how I dressed up this gown (which needed little embellishment) with a little hair feather and my new favourite earrings, a pair of Jumbo Snowflakes from Luxulite. They are enormous but weigh practically nothing. I can wear these all day and all evening without feeling them there and I have zero tolerance for heavy earrings!

I smoothed out my hair into a slightly more rounded set with softer curls then allowed the feather to create almost a pixie cut shape. Watching as many old movies as I have been of late, I came to the realisation that eyebrows are sooooo governed by fashion and, had I been around in the 1930s/1940s I would have had the most fashionable brows and forehead going! Alas, I live in the age of the HD and natural brow. This is as close to my natural brow as I have been able to colour in (I’m so fair that there is practically nothing to work with!) and I’m loving the look of a thinner brow. I’ll never have Insta-ready brows and I’m OK with that.

Close up hair and make up shot. Earrings from Luxulite (RRP £9.00) Click to view them and basically lose all of your money on earrings like me…

With all of those underwear experts around, I couldn’t resist getting laced into a corset for a while! I was pulled into the Morticia Corset and instantly lost 5″ from my waist without even getting uncomfortable. With a few more pulls, I can go down a further 2″ in this baby. If you want an hourglass figure, go and see the ladies at What Katie Did and they will give you one.

The difference a good corset makes! I’m wearing the Morticia Corset (RRP £169.50) Click the picture to check out the underpinnings!

We rounded off our evening with a visit to the famous Groucho Club in Soho. I was initially disappointed by the lack of Groucho Marx, being a lifelong fan of The Marx Brothers, until I found him in the ladies toilets. The poor lady who was washing her hands as I noticed him got an overexcited squeal in the ear.

Groucho Marx, in bed.

How beautiful is this goody bag? My collection of stunning What Katie Did tote bags is ever-expanding and I am the most stylish shopper in Sainsburys with them on my arm!

Swag! I do love a goody bag.

Father Christmas has visited me early! I took delivery of my latest additions to the collection in the shape of a Glamour Nouveau Bra, matching knickers, a couple of pairs of Contrast Seam Stockings (including the Claret ones, which I adore as an alternative to black) and a Luna Extreme Waspie. This is essentially a baby-corset, shorter in the body than a full-sized one so very wearable. I do not wear a corset all the time but this smaller option will increase my wearing for sure!

Merry Christmas to meeeeee! The Luna Extreme Waspie Corset is brand new and so cute. Click here to have a look.

If you are looking for last minute Christmas gifts for yourself or for someone you love, you could do far worse than checking out What Katie Did. They do vouchers too!

For a safer and less pricey option, head on over to Voodoo Vixen who have so many gorgeous frocks, separates, and accessories, all with 10% off today and free delivery over £20. My 1930s gown is a new favourite and available in other colours too. You know you cannot resist having a cheeky peak!

Stay gorgeous!