Fashion on Friday: Tartan Queen Supreme

I genuinely look forward to this post each week. My wardrobe is such a huge part of my life that it is truly joyous to have a way to share this passion with you all. No, it’s not cake BUT it is a constant source of inspiration to this baker.

My wardrobe has a new addition – the Christina Sherwood Check Swing Dress from Collectif.

Dress by Collectif, click image for full details

Dress by Collectif, click image for full details

This gorgeous frock caught my eye as I visited Collectif’s Spitalfields store pretty much every day after appearing at Foodies Festival at Truman Brewery around the corner. Well, I had been working hard and needed a few little rewards. They turned out to be not so little but more on that in a mo…

I had just binged my way through The Crown on Netflix like a woman possessed; for anyone who loves vintage clothes and retro styling, this glorious dramatisation of our Queen’s early reign is a must watch. It’s one of the biggest budget productions that Netflix has commissioned so far and that was pretty much all on the costuming – which is incredible. I spent the whole time pointing at the screen and saying, “want that one,” at each dress!

Want that one!

Want that one!

This Collectif frock put me so much in mind of our young Queen and with a price tag of £74.50 it is far from a Netflix budget costume!

I decided to style the dress with a prim little pair of shoes that I found at a vintage event and a vintage navy handbag (gifted to me by the gorgeous Sarah Dunn, my style guru).



I also wore my Elizabeth-esque pearl and diamond stud earrings. These were a gift to me on my 30th Birthday from my Mum who bought them because they were replicas of a pair frequently worn by the Queen – mine are the real deal, just a little smaller!

I wear these earrings more than any other pair I own. I love them completely.


As I dressed myself up against a misty, damp morning on Tuesday, I thought best to cover a little of my hair with a navy beret. On days like this it helps that I own a beret in pretty much every colour that I am every likely to wear. It’s an addiction!


Then I realised, I had gone from emulating a young Queen Elizabeth to looking more like a French schoolgirl!

It may have been the delicate navy ribbon around my neck (this comes with the dress) or the beret but the outfit took a whole new direction based around a detail or two. My next challenge is to style it as intended, en homage to our Queen. Click here to follow me on Instagram and I’ll style this look up tomorrow…

Earlier this week, I was fighting off the elements in Leicester, wearing my Pearl coat also from Collectif. This was the ‘little’ treat that I treated myself to in Spitalfields!

You can read all about my adventures in Leicester with my lovely Mum right here on Monday. I wonder who I could possibly be baking a cake for then… This is us outside Leicester Cathedral. Could that be a clue?

Until Monday, stay gorgeous!