Fashion on Friday: Stylish Stay at The Control Tower

It’s really hard for Chris and I to get away; it’s not just our busy summer schedules as much as the fact that neither of us can remember HOW to go on holiday!

Some people seem to go away all the time. The most we can ever arrange is a few stolen days together in a different location. We managed a few days in Munich last October but without the purpose of following The Cure to motivate us, we really are rubbish.

However, after a crazy summer and with a few clear days in the diary we decided to keep it easy and take a break in Norfolk at The Control Tower.

Outside our home for the weekend

We have long admired the B&B set up in the control tower of a former RAF base, used in World War Two. With it’s Art Deco decor and uniquely modernist architecture, a smattering of WW2 history, and a vegetarian breakfast menu, The Control Tower sounded like the perfect place for Chris and I to retreat to for a couple of nights.

Obligatory front door photo! Wearing a dress from Collectif and my most sensible shoes.

Chris gets in on the front door posing action. Nails it.

Can’t argue with the modernist architecture at The Control Tower.

We were not disappointed! The only problem was trying to figure out how many of the fixtures and fittings I could sneak out with!

Nigel and Claire were perfect hosts and I cannot recommend The Control Tower enough to fellow vintage lovers in need of an escape from the modern world. Even though the WiFi was fine, we found ourselves snuggling up with books and the radio (there was a wonderful Roberts digital radio in our room). I felt almost forced to slow down a little and I liked it.

Views of the guest living room.

Breakfast is served in style here.

Prepare to sink into these 1930s armchairs, never to be seen again.

All of the details in this room are stunning.

Chris looks through the cabinet of WW2 RAF memorabilia.


Whatsapp doesn’t work on this.

There are bookshelves full of books everywhere in The Control Tower. The voracious reader need never leave.

No privates in here.

I had to laugh when Chris found our holiday spirit animals in a copy of The Chap. We have yet to fully determine who is Withnail and who is I. Six of one, half a dozen of the other!

Again, I cannot recommend The Control Tower enough. To see more pictures and for more information, just click here or on any of the pictures above. We stayed in the Boardroom, which came with the most glorious pink Art Deco ensure bathroom. I had the most enormous bath with Strictly on the catch up… does that sound like heaven or what?

Being royalist tourists, I wanted to do a day trip to the Queen’s Norfolk home at Sandringham House. We were treated to some dramatic skies that day!

Sandringham House.

Me, outside Sandringham House.

Seeing as this is a Fashion on Friday post, I should tell you about my Norfolk wardrobe! I lived in this wonderful Americana jacket from The House of Foxy. I love the 1940s shape on this jacket and it kept me buttoned up against the breeze. I love that it accentuates the waist so that you are Autumn warm without being bulky.

My dress was from Collectif last winter. As such, it is no longer available BUT there are some gorgeous tartan frocks in their new collection. The high neckline and full skirt on this dress has always made me feel like the Queen! This was one reason why I chose this dress for this trip but the main reason was that the burgundy stripe through the tartan matches my most sensible shoes perfectly! Have you ever SEEN such sensible shoes? These oxblood brogues are by Bertie and I picked them up in a sale for £25 years ago. I have rarely worn them but have fallen in love with them all over again.

Chris and trees.

I rubbed the Buddha’s belly for luck. Wish I’d taken him a cake.

Watching the seasons change in the gardens.

Dramatic skies but no rain equals perfect weather in my book!

A visit to the church at Sandringham.

I wore berets all weekend to save time on fixing my hair up. The blustery days also made elaborate hairdos pointless.

We spent our final morning on the beach – Wells Beach and Holkham Beach.

Wells Beach on a cold and bright morning.

It is impossible to feel sad when looking at brightly painted beach huts. Just look at them! Cheerfulness.

Cute shadows in wavy sand. Before Chris started making rude erection shadows with his hands.

A peaceful view of Wells.

The sand being blown along the beach on a rather blustery day.

Walking down to Holkham Beach.

I love my late-50s style jeans from Freddies of Pinewood. These are the first full-length pair of jean that I have owned in over 10 years and I am a convert! These are perfect for walking on chilly beaches and looking every bit the ‘Marilyn in the Misfits’ wannabe that I am. My favourite detail of these jeans is the zip hidden in the left front pocket – essentially, they do up on the side, which means that you don’t get that bulge around the tummy that a fly often makes. Plus, there are two buttons on the waist, meaning that you can do your jeans up tighter or looser, depending on what kind of day you are having and what you have eaten for lunch.

Freddies of Pinewood do loads of other styles, all inspired by 40s-60s vintage jeans. They are incredible quality. Highly recommended. Click on the picture above to see the exact style that I am wearing – there was a big difference in styles from the early 1950s to the late 1950s. I love this narrow leg style.

The view across the beach.


Chris watching the sand blow along the beach.

This is me.

I don’t think I’ve been as chilled out as in the picture above for a while! Just a few days with fresh air and different scenery was a tonic.

Maybe Chris and I will get that hang of this holiday lark. Until then, we will continue to occasionally go on holiday by mistake and enjoy every stolen minute we can.

Stay gorgeous!