Fashion on Friday: Santa, baby…

… I’ve been an angel all year!

For this week’s Fashion on Friday, I thought I would amuse myself by day-dreaming about all the lovely things that I would love to find under my Christmas tree this weekend.

Russian Red Lipstick by MAC


I live in this shade of lipstick. Aside from the fact that it is the only matte lipstick I have ever found that is comfortable enough to wear – without feeling like you have some awful paste stuck on your lips – it lasts pretty much all day. I’m forever eating or drinking something so this is a godsend.

I have only ever bought this once (after my first one was a gift from a friend) and both times it has lasted 18 months. I think that’s pretty good going.

A FitBit Charge 2


Partly because I am always eating or drinking something, and I work with cake, I like to workout to stay fit and healthy. I am one of those odd sorts who enjoys exercise and I love the rush that I get from a good Combat class or lifting weights in Body Pump.

Alas, this year has been so very busy that my workout routine suffered. I also eat and drink more when I am on the road or tired. Though I fully plan to eat and drink EVERYTHING over the coming weekend, I hope to spring back into my routine with gusto in the New Year.

I fancy one of these fancy new FitBits to replace my older, basic version. This one monitors your heart rate, syncs with your phone calendar to display reminders, has guided breathing exercises, does the washing up, scratches your ass for you, and can be used to defeat President Trump… OK, it does those first three things. I also want this fancy pale pink leather strap to wear it out with.

Glamour Nouveau Corselette from What Katie Did


You all know what a fan I am of What Katie Did and their amazing shapewear. Having this underwear is pretty essential if you want to wear the retro style clothing that I do. A corselette is the perfect thing to smooth out lady lumps and bumps and create that classic silhouette.

And I need a new one. What Katie Did regularly review their designs and take customer feedback to keep improving their products. I respect that and there is nothing quite so wonderful as new lingerie. Please, take my money!

Anything Bowie


Continuing the theme of ‘please, take my money,’ I would love any of the new David Bowie releases that have come out of late. For the last few weeks, I have held off on buying anything as I know that these are super easy gifts for family.

It is normal to see a huge onslaught of releases after the death of an artist – every half-baked, half-written, long-forgotten track that was ever committed to tape, packaged and put out to make money. The restraint that has been shown by all involved in this strange post-Bowie world has been remarkable.

However, there is a new release of The Man Who Fell to Earth and a new greatest hits with one new mix of one song that I already own… I know… shut up and take my money.

The Missing Berets


I noticed, while styling this quick shot to accompany last week’s Fashion on Friday post, that I am missing a few berets in my collection.

These days I am wearing far too much dark green and teal blue to not own these in beret form.

In fact, my New Year’s Resolution may be to just wear more berets. I like to set myself at least one achievable goal!

I sincerely hope that you get everything that you have asked for this weekend and that you have the most wonderful Christmas with those close to you. I wish you all the Merriest of Christmasses and cannot wait to raise a glass with you all soon.

Stay gorgeous!