Fashion on Friday: Lorelei Lee

There are a few items in my wardrobe that I come back to again and again with all the enthusiasm of the first time I tried them on. I try not to have favourites amongst my beloved frocks but I do… this is my favourite dress.

The Lorelei Dress from Glamour Bunny is a pretty faithful replica of one of the dresses worn by Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Howard Hawks, 1953). In terms of fashion alone, this has to be one of my favourite Marilyn movies – every outfit is drool-worthy and I have tried to emulate the looks from this film so many times over the years. As Lorelei Lee, Marilyn lights up the screen in every shot as she manipulates all who are dazzled enough to fall for her.

This scene perfectly illustrates what would go on to become Marilyn’s signature schtick as the not-so-dumb dumb blonde.

Whilst that is one of my favourite lines EVER, I cannot help but be dazzled by the dress and by Marilyn herself. I may have been staring admiringly at Marilyn for the best part of 30 years (essentially, as long as I can remember) but her power has not diminished or faded with time. I’ve long got over the imagery and iconography on household items – I’m not sure I have ever owned a mug with her face on – but I have not lost the sense of wonder and awe every time I see Marilyn on screen. She was magical.

I still want to look like her when I grow up.

I’ve worn my Lorelei dress to work – this was me with GBBO winner, Sophie Faldo, at Foodies Festival last weekend.

I’ve worn it to decorate cakes…

Probably unwise when you are built like I am!

I’ve set up wedding cakes in it…

I’ve worn it to weddings… (how dirty was my old mirror? Shocking)

I’ve worn it to the theatre to stalk my celebrity crush…

I know that I will enjoy wearing this dress for many years to come. Though I feel terrible showing off a frock that is no longer available to buy online, I hope that you will check out Glamour Bunny’s new designs – you never know, this one may come up for revival someday.

If you could dress exactly like your idol, who would you dress up as?

Stay gorgeous!