Fashion On Friday: London Edge S/S 2017

Twice a year, for many years now, London Edge has been my Fashion Week.


With Gerry Roxby of Glamour Bunny 2013

When I first attended the show, back in 2013, I went to meet the makers behind the brands that I loved online and to meet more. Much as I despise the term ‘networking’ that is what it was! I took cupcakes and introduced myself. Over the years that have followed, I have attended the show twice a year to see what is new and to catch up with the many friends that I have made. I go to say thank you and I still take cakes or cookies!


With Gerry Roxby of Glamour Bunny 2016

And this is normally a girls’ day out, shared with my long-term partner in crime, Sarah Dunn of Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos. It is all very classy. This is what we get up to…




S/S 2015


A/W 2015

… oh, how I miss the glitter lipsticks! However, Sarah had a better offer and spent last weekend in Barcelona. That is a pretty good better offer! I took Chris as my handsome escort for the day and he did not disappoint. Channeling Humphrey Bogart in his Burberry mac and grey felt fedora, Chris is as good as picking outfits for me as I am for myself so this worked out fabulously!

There is a strong season of offerings ahead from some of my favourite vintage reproduction designers. Over the years, I have found that different brands cater for different occasions so here are some top tips if you fancy getting a little retro eclectic like me.

For 1940s authenticity of style and fabrics, check out The Seamstress of Bloomsbury. The company started with a handful of original patterns used by Lilian Wells, a young apprentice at the outbreak of World War II who became known as The Seamstress of Bloomsbury. Head designer, Mike, works with crepe de Chine for luxuriant authentic vintage movement. This jumpsuit is called the Charlotte and is covered in tiny white bluebirds over a stunning blue background. One for the wish list!

For prints, check out Victory Parade. I cannot sing their praises highly enough as Fran and Andrew source the most incredible fabrics for their beautifully cut dresses. They retail at around £100 each but you can choose the combination of fabric and style that best suits you (the comic book print that I’m wearing in this post is one of theirs). This new cut is called the Sophia and those floaty capped sleeves are even more fabulous in the flesh. This Freida Kahlo print is soooooo Sarah Dunn!

I’m more of a crazy cat lady print type. Look at their little kitten faces! If you have ever seen my cat print dress, that is one of Victory Parade’s too.

I love the floral prints at Voodoo Vixen too. These are the other end of the price spectrum and so affordable. I’ve been living in their Winter tartans and cannot wait to bring the flowers!

With the lovely Nicki from Voodoo Vixen and a cheeky bag of biccies!

For true luxury, I love The House of Foxy. From their designs, to the weight of fabric, to the cut and detailing, these dresses are perfection. I also own tops, trousers, skirts, and capris from Clare’s talented house and everything is cut to flatter. Model, Miss Lilian Love, is another big fan and looks stunning in this new design… don’t get photographed next to models! I really should learn!

This seems like a good time to tell you that my own dress was from Daisy Dapper. I love this blood shade of red and paired it with Vivienne Westwood earrings and a matching beret for when facing the elements outside.

I felt like a kid in a candy store amongst the rails at Collectif. My wish list is full of pretty dresses for warmer weather and I’ve even found the most perfect trench coat for myself.

Mental note to to wear my mac when Chris wears his mac or we may end up looking like the French Resistance!

Collectif are a firm favourite amongst the vintage-loving crowd because their collections are plentiful, cater for every era, every shape and size, and every price range. If you have always wanted to try out dressing in vintage style, Collectif should be your first port of call. I can atest to pieces being well made and fabrics being great quality – obviously, even within one brand, you get what you pay for so a £70 dress will probably be a weightier one than a £30 dress. Even better, they hold regular sales online. You can pick up a bargain.

A word of warning though, because Collectif are so good and so popular, you risk being caught out in the same outfit so accessorise and personalise your outfits. I should have run off with this gorgeous new handbag when I had the chance as it won’t be in shops until the Autumn. It’s too cute for words.

Talking of cute, look what I found in my VIP goody bag. Pink hair dye from Manic Panic (the same brand I used in the summer), which also glows under black light, AND is Jem and the Holograms themed! For any child of the 80s, this is just too much. Jem is the whole reason I ever even considered dying my hair pink.

Cruelty free and fabulous, I guess I’ll be going pink again this summer! I’m already planning a night out in a club with the required black light to illuminate my barnet.

I think we can safely say that my credit card can expect one heck of a pounding as soon as the sun shows its face again and these pieces hit the stores. In the meantime, keep coming back here every week for Fashion on Friday as I share my favourite frocks and treats from the Aladdin’s cave that is my wardrobe.

Stay gorgeous!