Fashion on Friday: London Edge A/W 2017

I cannot tell you how much I love clothes. I love my ever-expanding, frankly ridiculous oh-god-it’s-taking-over-the-whole-house wardrobe more than I can say. I love getting dressed up and playing dress up.

As such, a big part of my year, twice a year, is the London Edge trade show. If you click here and look over my visit in February for the S/S 2017 show, you may notice a couple of bits that ended up in my wardrobe over the summer! The show is the perfect opportunity for me to check out the new collections from my favourite vintage repro designers.

As we move into Autumn, I wanted to give one of my favourite summer dresses one last outing before storage! This custom fabric by Sacha Hamed was crafted into this custom dress by Claireabella’s Closet.

Those who know me and my style will know that, though I am inspired by vintage fashion and dress in a vintage style, 99% of my wardrobe is brand new clothes. I adore vintage clothing but it is tricky to maintain, like a vintage car! Vintage reproduction washes at 30 degrees and allows for waists measuring over 25″! London Edge is essentially my version of Fashion Week; it’s a chance to meet the makers and see the clothes up close.

For help and guidance in navigating this, I needed a wing-woman and could have asked for no-one better than my dear friend Regula Ysewijn who was in town from Belgium. We met back in 2012 and, though separated by the narrow sea, have kept in fairly constant touch due to the wonder of social media! Regula has serious style and can be seen lighting up television screens with her impeccable outfits every week as a judge on Bake Off Vlaanderen – yes, Regula is Belgium’s answer to Mary Berry!

My partner in crime, Regula Ysewijn. Click on this picture to meet her properly… you’ll love her as much as I do.

I am particularly excited about the A/W outfits from Voodoo Vixen. Aside from remaking two of my favourite current plaid frocks in a red/navy, they have designed possibly the perfect top in the Von Teese. I’ll be writing about these at a later date as I am certain that they will become a staple of my wardrobe all year round. When you find the perfect top, you buy one in every colour that works for you!

The Bettie Dress by Voodoo Vixen RRP £58.00. Click for details.



Oh, hello the clutch bag that Voodoo Vixen basically made for me without even knowing it! It’s not available yet BUT you can see other pretty bags by clicking here.

The Astro Cat dress RRP £99.00. Other Day Dresses by Victory Parade are available online now, while we wait for this print to be released (click on the picture for more).

I adore Victory Parade Dresses for prints. Bold and daft, they are seriously stunning and I think I’m in love!

This print is beyond purrrrfect… sorry.

Atomic perfection from Victory Parade (click for more details)

Unique Vintage are a US based company need a proper UK presence. I love their designs but the duties imposed on UK stores who import them make them very pricey – and for no reason other than taxation, which feels a bit rubbish. Having a chance to check out their dresses in the flesh make a holiday in the US with an empty suitcase and a good shopping day feel like something I could aspire to!

Regula was drawn to this forest green prom dress like a moth to a flame…

How much does Regula NEEEED this frock from Unique Vintage?

We watched the fashion show and I fell in love with these tights! I used to own a vast collection of opaque tights in every colour and these burgundy fishnets made me think about jazzing up my pins again.

Cyclamen Fishnet Tights from Gipsy Tights RRP £6.00 (click for details)

I lived in a matching shirt and skirt combo from Rock’n’Romance this summer and plan to do the same over the autumn in this tartan number. I love that separates can be worn separately and made into infinite outfits.

Don’t laugh; this is genuinely a groundbreaking discovery for me! It’s genius.

Shirt and skirt matching combo by Rock’n’Romance coming soon (click for website)

Now I just need to get something in my diary worthy of this stunning evening gown from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury. I cannot tell you too much about the frock but I believe it to be a late 1930s style. Isn’t she a beauty?

Evening gown by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury coming soon (click for website)

I didn’t forget my former London Edge buddy, Sarah Dunn of Sarah’s DooWop Dos… this bag from Collectif made me think of her! Collectif are bringing through some really cute novelty bags so, if you fancy a giggle every time you reach for your bag, check them out.

Bag by Collectif coming soon (click for website)

A/W is always exciting for me as I love the colours and wrapping up against the cold. I long for my winter coat and hats and gloves! The first few pieces have started arriving and my wardrobe looks like a sea of tartan. Bring it on.

I’ll miss alfresco cocktails though!

Rounding the day off in style with a Passionfruit Bellini!

Stay gorgeous!