Fashion on Friday: London Edge A/W 2018

Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons sartorially speaking. I’m longing for gloves, hats, and capes. Woolen vintage finds and my ever-expanding collection of tartan and check prints are all carefully stored away in anticipation of their necessity. OK so I’ve been a little down on this incredible summer – it really has been incredible – but that is only because I am always excited about the layers of wrapping up against the cold, about the hearty Autumnal food (Shepherd’s Pie and crumble, anyone?), about the church candles that throw off heat and a romantic glow from the fireplace in my living room.

Standard establishing shot. I’m wearing a frock from Voodoo Vixen (click for details) and jacket from Glamour Bunny. with heels by Rocket Originals

Whilst I hope that we have a few more warm days in September, I am shamelessly looking forward to the cold after seeing a tantalising preview of my A/W wardrobe at London Edge last weekend. For those of you who have not heard of this wonderful trade show, I attend twice each year for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter and it is there that I chat to the amazing people behind the vintage reproduction clothing in my wardrobe. I have known many of these brands and makers for many years now and I love having this vantage point from which to watch their growth and development… as well as earmarking a few bits for my wishlist as soon as they hit the stores!

Let’s get this thing started…

I do love to catch up with friends at London Edge and my first port of call is ALWAYS to see the wonderful Clare Quartermaine at The House of Foxy. If you love mustard yellow, you must(ard) check out the new collections coming from their rails. I love how Clare pairs mustard with navy to make it less scary for the paler customer!

Clare Quartermaine, creative genius behind The House of Foxy

I love this wonderful Yorkshire lass!

Old friends and new, I mentioned Bethany Jane Davies at the S/S show earlier this year. Her new lipsticks, inspired by vintage shades, are coming very soon. In addition to being cruelty-free, the production of these lipsticks was postponed so that more sustainable ingredients could be used in their production. THIS is the kind of company that you want to buy from. I’m on the waiting list and will be buying myself one of these babies as soon as they are ready for an ethical pout.

Bethany Jane Davies, putting the sass into sustainability one pout at a time.

There is going to be an emerging theme as I move around the show – the theme is ‘you can never have too much leopard’. I stand by this.

My next stop was to see my friends at Voodoo Vixen. I love this brand for really well-made affordable bits that are so much fun. The crazy hot day on Sunday meant that I could wear this season’s amazing leopard print dress whilst looking forward to more in the colder months.

Voodoo Vixen has the perfect top, it’s 3/4 length in the sleeve with a sweetheart neckline and ruching on the shoulders and down the centre. It really is perfect for anyone with boobs! It’s called the Von Teese top and you cannot go far wrong with buying one in every colour. Now available in leopard!

Von Teese top in leopard print by Voodoo Vixen RRP £23.00 click for full details

The woman behind the prints is fellow leopard enthusiast Nicki Asher from Voodoo Vixen

It’s not all leopard, there are plenty of tartan and check designs. This one felt a bit Vivienne Westwood to me. I kind of love it.

Check out the details on this Voodoo Vixen dress.

The bows on the pockets were adorable

This is a re-working of the popular Rachel style dress by Voodoo Vixen. I love the colours that they have chosen!

There were gorgeous accessories added to an ever-expanding offering from Voodoo Vixen. The brollies felt cheerful, all lined up ready for duty.

Umbrellas by Voodoo Vixen

And how much do I adore this mistletoe brooch for Christmas? I think that this would make the perfect small gift.

Mistletoe brooch by Voodoo Vixen

There were even other prints to stick my teeth into. I’m torn now as to whether I would choose a lipstick print over a leopard. This is a new blouse which is already available online if you want to bag one before I do!

Katherine 40s Style Kiss Blouse by Voodoo Vixen RRP £37.00 (click for full details)

Who am I kidding? I am the queen of the leopards and I have the cape to prove it. The photo-bomber clearly approves…

Leopard cape of dreams from Voodoo Vixen coming soon…

Moving on to more understated territory, I popped along to Zoe Vine London to admire their gorgeous frocks.

Zoe Vine creates timeless dresses for modern women

How perfect can one neckline be? From Zoe Vine London.

The strapless green velvet number would be perfect for channeling Lady Diana meets Bianca Del Rio chic.

A new find at this London Edge was Little Pig Jewellery Design. I’m just going to leave these here and give you gift options for me at any given time of year!

Valentines Day preview from Little Pig Jewellery Design

For Christmas I would probably need both of these brooches from Little Pig Jewellery Design

As a writer, I know the power of the humble pen. I adore this brooch.

London Edge is not all vintage reproduction. Kennedy are bringing glam rock back to take over the world from Glasgow! There’s a little bit of leopard print going on here.

Please click on this picture to check out Kennedy. She is amazing!

I tried on this floor-length festival cover-up and didn’t want to take it off!

If you really want to do prints, you have to check out Victory Parade. Every beautiful style is available in every incredible fabric.

Pop art in a retro shape from Victory Parade

The detail on this dress blows my mind

The fabric moves like a waterfall!

Another favourite of mine is The Seamstress of Bloomsbury. The authentic choice of fabrics and prints work perfectly with their authentic 1940s clothing. This print is brand new to their rails and I think it is incredible – if you thought that everyone wore monochrome and brown in the 1940s, you were mistaken!

New styles from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

I am rather fond of a tartan and this Black Watch Peggy is so on my list. It is available now RRP £79.00 (click for full details) and seriously limited. Mike the designer told me the actual number that were made and it is less that the price! There are that few of them… go!

Stunning fabrics and detailing from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

I could not visit The Seamstress of Bloomsbury without visiting their sister company RocknRomance. Bolder 1950s styling and fantastic prints, all made with the same attention to detail and quality as I am used to with their sister.

Giant graphic dogstooth prints from RocknRomance

There were more fab accessories on offer from Punky Pins. I have followed this wonderful brand on Instagram for years and bought a few of their gorgeous enamel pins as presents for friends (my favourite gift was a ‘Zero Fucks Given’ pin to a friend who was feeling the pressure). Admiring their collection of feminist pins, I am thinking of buying a little collection to adorn my ‘leather’ biker jacket this Spring.

Truth! The ladies at Punky Pins kindly gave me this moto on a coaster which sits proudly on my desk.

The Punky Pins stand was row upon row of gorgeous enamel pins

No visit to London Edge would be complete without a catwalk show. The stylists love to play around with the clubwear that is exhibited at the event and the resulting looks are nothing short of spectacular.

I’m not sure I could pull off some of the more colourful looks!

This look was called ‘Flying Unicorns’ and wow

I loved this dress from Voodoo Vixen which has the same neckline as the leopard dress I wore that day

This dress was from London-based company Sheen. This was the first time that I had seen their designs and I really liked their shapes and fabrics

Hell Bunny showed the best Christmas dress of the day with the Nutcracker 50s Dress RRP £52.99 (click for details)

The vast collection of goth-wear at London Edge always interests me and delights my 14 year old self who would have killed for this stuff

I am now totally ready to start stocking my wardrobe for the cold months ahead. Please tell me I am not the only one…

Doing my best to pose and not do anything daft…

… failed. I am a buffoon

Getting schooled by a pro! The rather gorgeous Jason Kahl joined me for the day (though I kind of lost him in goth town)

An overview of all of the stands at London Edge. There are so many to see

The gang’s all together! My wonderful Husband Chris took all of the photos so that I could just play with the pretty things

Even as we went to leave, I could not resist looking at shoes. I am physically incapable of walking past shoes! These beauties were from Lola Ramona. Their strapline is ‘she who dies with the most shoes, wins!’ which I love more than I can say.

Red animal print from Lola Ramona

It’s true, you can never have too much leopard print!

Bag and shoes from Lola Ramona to match my dress!

Stay gorgeous!