Fashion on Friday: Lipstick All Over

I’m a sucker for anything with a lipstick print motif! It’s perhaps unsurprising that I was drawn to Silly Old Sea Dog’s Luscious Lipstick Dress like a moth to a flame.

This was a little present from me to me at The Festival of Vintage in York back in April, at which I splashed the cash on a few beautiful things to add to my wardrobe.

Luscious Lipstick Dress by Silly Old Sea Dog RRP £109-£119 (click for full details)

What I cannot seem to put across in my picture is the shine on those gold lipstick cases. It is divine!

Luscious Lipstick Dress by Silly Old Sea Dog RRP £109-£119 (click for full details)

Being so bright and sparkly, I packed this dress up to wear in Brighton for our very first Foodies Festival of the year and I adored wearing it.

Luscious Lipstick Dress by Silly Old Sea Dog RRP £109-£119 (click for full details)

You may have noticed that this dress comes with two different prices – the reason for this is that these dresses are available in sizes ranging from a UK6 to a UK24. This is quite amazing for a small UK based brand but a commitment made by Alison at Silly Old Sea Dog to provide fabulous dresses whatever a woman’s size. The sizing is generous too.

I wear everything from a UK10 on the high street, to my more usual UK12/medium in vintage reproduction, to a UK14 in Vivien of Holloway which uses authentic vintage sizing. It’s taken me many years to not obsess over the number in the back of my garments because they mean pretty much nothing. My frock from Silly Old Sea Dog is a UK10 so you can see it is generously cut.

Knowing that these dresses are available to any woman of any size is a wonderful thing. In fact, if you click here to look at the Silly Old Sea Dog website (it will open in another window!) you will see that each dress is shown on a UK8 and a UK18 model. Alison is committed to promoting body positivity and I stand with her on this. The difference in pricing reflects the extra fabric required to make the larger dresses, which is a small business production reality.

Bright Pink Bow Belt by Silly Old Sea Dog RRP £8 (click for details)

The belt that I am wearing is also by Silly Old Sea Dog. It is too cute for words. I already have the red version (which is sadly sold out) and it makes me feel like a giant present!

As with all of my dresses, I want to work and play in my Luscious Lipstick Dress so am thrilled that it washes at 30 degrees with no damage to the lustre on the gold lipstick cases. The care instructions say that it can even go in the tumble dryer but I’m not going to try that one out. I’m perfectly happy to dry it on the whirly-gig.

Luscious Lipstick Dress by Silly Old Sea Dog RRP £109-£119 (click for full details)

If you love fun prints, I recommend that you check out Silly Old Sea Dog. All of the fabrics are fun and cut into various 1950s inspired styles. They ALL have pockets (mind blown) and go in the washing machine. All dresses are 100% cotton, designed by Alison in Newquay and made in Scotland.

Support a small business this weekend and treat yo’self!

Stay gorgeous!