Fashion on Friday: Lemon Sherbet

There is something about wearing yellow that makes me instantly happy. I think that it is an intrinsic link to my childhood, in which my memory has me mostly dressed in yellow.

Happy bowl-licking memory

I’ve avoiding yellow in my adulthood as I was convinced I could not get away with wearing it, being so very pale and so very blonde. My latest yellow frock has me totally converted.

The Christie Lemon Border Print Swing Dress from Lindy Bop is a pure joy to wear from the moment it is slipped on to the moment it slips off.

Christie Lemon Border Swing Dress by Lindy Bop RRP £44 (click picture for full details)

This off the shoulder style is perfect for a sunny day and, with a price point of only £44 and the confidence that comes with knowing you can wash at 30 degrees, you can get out and enjoy the day without a care in the world.

Next time I wear this frock, I will give it a good tug down so that the straps sit lower off my shoulders but, as I was working and baking in front of an audience on this particular outing, I kept the straps a little higher. I have to say that this is a very malleable and versatile dress. I would love to pair it with a Vivien of Holloway Jenny cardigan on a cooler day.

I’ve imagined how sweet it would look with a little cropped denim jacket too. However, I do not own one and don’t think that’s really my style. I’m a leather biker jacket kind of girl so I guess I’m on the lookout for one of those in pale blue now!

Christie Lemon Border Swing Dress by Lindy Bop RRP £44 (click picture for full details)

I paired the pale lemon yellow with pale blue, a pastel shade that is more in my comfort zone. The elastic belt is from Hell Bunny, the earrings from Spendette (I did have a matching necklace but this was going to ruin the neckline of the dress), and the world’s most uncomfortable shoes from New Look. No shade thrown at New Look here – I swear by their shoes but these ones were crafted in hell by some vindictive demon. If they weren’t so darn pretty, I’d throw them out. I’ll wear them again.

Really the only accessory that a fab dress like this one needs is a convertible. I was lucky enough to sit in the Fiat 124 Spider at Foodies Festival Syon Park. You can watch the video I made from the car and see both this and the dress in their full glory by clicking here.

Christie Lemon Border Swing Dress by LindyBop RRP £44 (click picture for full details)

Here’s hoping that my relatively inexpensive dress habit doesn’t turn into a rather expensive car habit! What do you think? Does it suit me? The car, I mean – I know the dress does!

If you are looking for a really fun frock for the summer, check out Lindy Bop.

Stay gorgeous!