Fashion on Friday: Just Like That Bluebird

A quick nod to Fashion on Friday ahead of my roadtrip down to Brighton… Foodies Festival launches tomorrow with our awesome launch show on Hove Lawns. Seriously, if you are in Brighton or London or frankly anywhere where you can get down to Brighton over the Bank Holiday weekend, you are not going to want to miss this show.

Plus, bring your best bake to The Cakes & Desserts Theatre and you could win a KitchenAid Mini in our first Foodies Cake Off! All of the details of this can be found by clicking here or on the mixer below.

While I am far from an authentic vintage kinda girl – I wear hardly any ‘true vintage’ because it rarely fits me and does not suit my lifestyle or my wallet – I do appreciate attention to authentic detail in reproduction vintage. A style and a shape is easily replicated but it’s the tiny details that make an outfit feel like the real deal.

I’m a big fan of The Seamstress of Bloomsbury for these little touches. My latest aquisition is the Peggy Wrap Dress in Bluebird print. It is cut in the most beautifully light Crepe de Chine (seriously retro fabric choice) and floats delightfully.

Peggy Wrap Dress by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury (Click for full details)

That’s me having a giggle down by the river in Cambridge – a pair of ducks had just walked behind me on the wall and, though the photo opportunity had been missed, my reaction wasn’t! I love ducks. They never fail to amuse me.

I cannot remember the last time that I owned or wore a wrap dress. These were such wardrobe staples of the 90s/00s and I think every woman had at least 12! This classic needs revisiting for the summer, in my humble opinion. This dress wraps demurely (with no terrible cleavage gape, a principal con of the wrap style) and does not fly open easily around the skirt. It is comforting to know that this dress will fit me perfectly around the waist on lean days and ‘I’ve just eaten a tonne of pasta, boom’ days.

Retailing at £79.00 this is not one of my cheaper dresses but the added lovely touch of a free matching headscarf is a beautiful thing. This is an outfit in itself even on bad hair days. I also received this gorgeous little red bluebirds brooch. This dress style is available in other prints and the print is available in other styles of dress. Choices.

Accessories by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury (Click for full details)

The Seamstress of Bloomsbury is a small company and their attention to detail in their garments and extra touches makes them truly beloved on the vintage reproduction scene – in fact, you can often find founder and head designer Mike on the dancefloor at events, showing off his Lindy skills!

You can expect a similar looking post from me once the weather warms up a little as I am thrilled to own a 1940’s style jumpsuit also from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury and in the same Bluebird fabric. I’ll share plenty of pictures as soon as it is warm enough for no sleeves outside! Soon please…

For now, we shall just have to rejoice in the fact that it was warm enough to walk by the river in Cambridge on that glorious Sunday. Brighton, here we come!

Peggy Wrap Dress by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury (Click for full details)

Stay gorgeous!