Fashion on Friday: Holiday Wardrobe

I cannot quite believe it… Chris and I have booked a holiday. An actual holiday! More than a long weekend and out of the UK! It’s been a while.

In September, we will be going to Paris and I could not be more excited. There will be quality time spent at the Palace of Versailles (the only foreign destination I have ever really been able to see myself living), bicycles (yes, our apartment comes with them), baguettes, red wine, cheese, The Louvre (now that I am old enough to appreciate it – having been at 19/20, remembering little but the queues and wishing I was at Chanel), and berets galore. Again, I really cannot wait.

Funnily enough, our last proper holiday was to Paris in 2010. We got engaged. It is the city of love, after all.

Paris 2010, back in the days before front-facing cameras you took a photo of yourselves and hoped for the best.

So excited am I that I am already planning an epic Parisian capsule wardrobe. The notion is not one that comes naturally to me so I will probably need the entirety of the 6 months build up to the break for planning. I thought I would share my initial thoughts with you and see what you think.

First on my list is separates – still a relatively new concept to this dress-addict. We have access to a washing machine so I thought a selection of skirts and trousers with various tops would be multiple looks for the same small suitcase space. Today, I will be visiting the wonderful Vivien of Holloway to try a few bits on and to take advantage of their EASTER SALE which is in store only across this weekend. See you there?

Obviously, the first thing I am going to need is a stripey top. I don’t want to look like a tourist.

Black Stripe Slash Neck Top by Vivien of Holloway (RRP £35, click for full details)

Paired with a chic pair of 1950s cut black trousers…

Black Flannel 1950s Trousers by Vivien of Holloway (RRP £59, click for full details)

Or maybe even with a funky pair of red capri pants, as you know I love them. The pocket details on these are so cute.

Red Drill Capri Pants by Vivien of Holloway ( RRP £45, click for full details)

And then with an all-purpose smart black circle skirt that will work with an infinite amount of other bits currently hanging in my wardrobe.

Black Sateen Circle Skirt by Vivien of Holloway (RRP £49, click for full details)

Like this gorgeous Norma Jean blouse that I already own from The House of Foxy. Mine has leopard print buttons. Jealous? I think it would work with all of the above and having washing and ironing facilities, I am not remotely concerned about packing this.

Norma Jean Blouse by The House of Foxy (RRP £55, click for full details)

Then there is the Parisian dress of dreams from Glamour Bunny. It’s one to save my pennies up for as I think I could rock this with both a heel and a sensible walking shoe (note – I own no sensible walking shoes, even the flat ones have been known to knacker my feet, I’ll just pack extra Neurofen and deal with it).

Gwenn Swing Dress by Glamour Bunny ( RRP £135, click for full details)

Well, it is going to be my Birthday while we are away so I will need something special for dinner that evening. Chris has promised to buy me something while we are out there and I have asked that this be simply a bottle of Champagne to enjoy as I watch the Parisians passing my apartment being effortlessly more chic than I could ever hope to be.

Do not assume from looking at my shopping list that I will be uncharacteristically monochromatic for all shall be accessorised with red! Bien sur!

This post has not helped me one bit… I am now even more excited than when I started typing. I had better get myself to Vivien of Holloway’s sale and hope I get lucky. I’ll also be at The Festival of Vintage in York this April, hoping for a few more tasty bargains.

Stay gorgeous!