Fashion on Friday: Gloves

I had to laugh, we visited IKEA last week to look into the wardrobe situation (click here to read last week’s post on my ridiculously first world problem) and I explained to the designer that I would like a compartment drawer for my gloves.

“Because I have an awful lot of gloves,” I said. She smiled back at me and I couldn’t help but wonder how many pairs could be considered ‘an awful lot.’

As it happens, IKEA were not only able to design a wardrobe for me from their pick’n’mix PAX collection at a ridiculously reasonable price, but they could have everything delivered and built in just over a week. The boxes arrived on Wednesday and are currently awaiting an expert team to put them together – I’m a whizz with a Billy bookcase but… no… this is a bit advanced for me!

So this encounter sparked several days of furious activity; the dressing room needed to be emptied and wallpapered ideally before the delivery of the flatpack so that it could be happily stored in the room. I am still not quite sure how we managed it but let’s just say that I have been found passive aggressively wallpapering late into the evening, determined that I would meet me own self-imposed deadline!

One of the most wonderful things about the upheaval has been the rediscovery of my glove collection. I didn’t really need to go through it but the IKEA encounter had my own interest piqued. I gingerly opened the drawer and was immediately attacked by gloves, forced into their little drawer, one new pair squeezed in on top of the last new pair.

Original vintage black leather elbow-length gloves

Not vintage, but vintage-inspired elbow length ‘leather’ gloves from Collectif. Great for the budget conscious and anyone who doesn’t wear any leather clothing. No longer available online but Collectif have a few cute pairs for you…

I adore gloves. I have fairly small hands so am able to buy vintage pairs and these are often affordable treats from the various fairs and events that I attend each year. I rarely buy true vintage fashion because the really good stuff is mostly expensive, fragile, and small. My waist may not be a vintage size but it seems that my hands are!

The softest pair of light blue mid-length gloves

Several pairs in my collection were acquired all at once and I will never forget the day that they came home with me; I was having a cuppa with my Mum and her friend, Kim, at The Ideal Home Show a few years ago. Kim had recently bought an auction lot of vintage gloves and there were quite a number which were too small for her. I felt like Cinderella as I sat trying on pair after pair of soft velvet and kid leather, embroidered, beaded, with the promise that I could take away each that fit me. There were a few ‘ugly sister’ moments as I tried to force a hand into a glove that was never going to fit!

The cutout details on these black mid-length gloves are woven with a little touch of gold thread.

These elbow-length embroidered kid gloves are whiter than they appear in this picture. People took such good care of their collections and precious things. I hope to do the same.

These elbow-length cream kid gloves are delicately beaded. Perhaps a little aged but still stunning when worn.

These black embroidered floral gloves come up just short of my elbow and look as if they were brand new.

Vintage gloves do not have the same stretch as modern gloves – if you find a pair and they do not pull on instantly, that is perfectly normal. You should expect to wiggle your fingers and gently work your palm in bit by bit. When you see a lady removing her glove, finger by perfectly manicured finger, in an old movie, that is not just for dramatic effect; vintage gloves also need to be removed slowly and there is no excuse for anything less than a perfect manicure.

One very modern advantage that I have found to vintage leather and kid leather gloves is that they work with a touchscreen smartphone. No more taking off your glove to check your phone. Modernity meets antiquity.

Classic chocolate brown leather. iPhone compatible.

Who knows if I have ordered sufficient compartments to house my collection, I will certainly add to it and the whole conundrum will simply begin again. What I can say is that the exercise of reviewing my collection and sorting it into easily accessible drawer (hopefully not spring-loaded like the old one) has made me more excited than ever about wearing more than just one pair for months on end. You know, that one pair that lives in your coat pocket all winter.

Not vintage but cute as anything! I love these toasty tartan numbers.

Winter fashion is just about my favourite thing but, gloves are a year-round delight. Roll on the summer so I can wear my collection of summer gloves!

Adorable wrist button detail and pleating on these white summer gloves

Cream mid-length summer glove

Well, if it’s good enough for the Queen…

*This is not my entire glove collection. I have more. I may need help!

Stay gorgeous!