Fashion on Friday: Festive Frocks

Good afternoon, you gorgeous lot. I have been a little quiet and neglected the blog this week. For this, I apologise but I have some excellent excuses…

I have been a busy little bee, hustling, plotting, and planning the most fabulous 2017. At present, it looks like I will be out on the road at even more festivals in even more locations than this year. This not only means that I will have the opportunity to meet even more of you and feed even more of you BUT also that I have the perfect excuse to add a few new frocks to my wardrobe!

Yes, this is Fashion on Friday, where I let you into my wardrobe and champion the wonders of reproduction vintage clothing. If you missed my introduction to this new fashion feature, just click here to get up to speed.

Because I am now two chocolates into my advent calendar – yes, I am 34 and my Mum still buys me an advent calendar, one for my Husband too, my Mum is the best – I feel that it is now appropriate to discuss Christmas. We should address this sooner rather than later as you may well have parties coming up and will need to get frocks ordered now.

I love a festive frock. Whilst tartan will always work in the colder months, there is something about a festive novelty print that is a pure joy. Last year’s festive frock hung happily in my wardrobe until the Christmas shows started two weekends ago.


My poinsettia print dress is from Victory Parade. Based up in Manchester, their dresses are made from the most incredible prints. I have a dress with comic book print all over and a dress with cats all over it too. Check them out if you want retro shaped dresses with a bit of a fun and modern edge.

This dress will set you back £99 and, whilst I know that this is a big price tag, remember that I wore this dress several times last year and this year too. The fabric is 100% natural fibres and made in England. Fashion does not have to be throwaway and this dress is a keeper. It is also available in lots of other shapes on Victory Parade’s website. In fact, every fabric that you see can be made in any of the dress styles on the site. This blows my mind.

My new festive frock for 2016 is from LindyBop. An excellent choice for anyone on a budget or perhaps just dipping a first toe into the waters of retro dressing. Are you sitting down? This twin set dress and cropped jacket costs just £37.


I have added my own red petticoat underneath (as I did with the Poinsettia dress) and am wearing a corset in this shot to get the extreme waist that I wanted. Sadly, I do not have a nice picture with the jacket off from this photoset as it was sooooooooo cold! Even sat in a kitchen, it was chilly.


The top of the dress itself has the most darling sweetheart neckline. I genuinely feel like the opening of The Sound of Music when I twirl around in this print – I am the hills, alive with the sound of music!

I love that this green has splashes of red too, making it super easy to accessorise… if you are me. Red shoes, red belt, red bag. Easy festive dressing. For a little flower in your hair, try Miss Bella’s Blooms. Their Etsy shop is gorgeous and I love this double poinsettia piece.

Now I am looking forward to my own Christmas gatherings and planning outings for these two gorgeous frocks before they must be retired again on 1st January. My mind is now drifting into dreams of my new festive frock for December 2017, though I am sure that these two will make return appearances!

Have you sorted your Christmas wardrobe yet? Do check out the links in this post for some lovely options and let me know how you get on. Follow me on Instagram for more outfits, retro styling fun, and cake.

Stay gorgeous!