Fashion on Friday: Faithful Friend

Good morning, you gorgeous lot. Regular readers and social media followers will know that I’ve had a somewhat busy week – in fact, 2017 has been relentless so far! I am not at all complaining but my magazine tutorial writing has kept me away from you a little more than I would like.

In return, you are due some STUNNING new tutorials in the coming months. Those of you who read Cake Decorating Heaven Magazine will already know my regular feature on cake decorating trends, and I have a BRAND NEW FEATURE coming to Cake Decorating & Sugarcraft Magazine. This new feature kicks off in the March 2017 issue and all I can tell you at this stage is that, if you like my Monday blog feature, you will love this new magazine feature – it comes complete with step by step photographs to enable you to recreate the design at home or take elements of my techniques away for your own designs. I’m generous like that!


Joan Dress by Glamour Bunny Click to buy

For this week’s Fashion on Friday, I thought I would look at a genuine wardrobe staple. On Sunday, I will be making my bi-annual visit to the London Edge trade show to check out all of the new season vintage-inspired loveliness, but this search for newness made me think of the longevity of the pieces in my wardrobe.

I spend between £50 – £150 on a dress, generally aiming for the lower end of this scale and very occasionally investing more for something really special. As a self-employed business woman, I do not have money to throw away so I expect my clothing to work very hard for me. I wear my dresses for business meetings, meals out with friends, parties, food festivals, in the kitchen, baking under the heat of an oven and often stage lights too – I work my clothes really hard.

Picture: Ashley Bingham Joan Dress by Glamour Bunny Click to buy

When I thought about the hardest working frock in my collection, I immediately thought of my red Joan dress by Glamour Bunny. This dress is genuinely known as ‘old faithful’ in my house! I have worn this dress and worn it over the course of probably four years. It still looks perfect and it fits like a dream.

Inspired by the wonderful Joan Holloway from the TV series Mad Men (comment below if you miss Mad Men… I’m so tempted to start at series one again and binge through it, so perfect it was for outfit inspiration!) the Joan dress is a wiggle dress at the perfect length with an open round scooping neckline. It comes with a detachable matching bow, which I sometimes wear, sometimes don’t, and sometimes replace with my own brooch.


Joan Dress by Glamour Bunny Click to buy

I’ve worn this dress with hats, with a leather jacket, dressed it up and down, always with heels. I can honestly say that I love this dress. It has become an old friend upon which I can totally depend to make me look and feel good.


Joan Dress by Glamour Bunny Click to buy

I own a number of dresses from Glamour Bunny, as well as a suit, and they are beautifully cut for the wiggle. Paired with good underwear (I always wear a corselette from What Katie Did underneath mine to smooth out my silhouette) these dresses are perfect for channeling retro attitude. Just try not to feel like a million dollars as you walk taller and strut more confidently, all safely gathered in, covered up and looking incredible. Red is very much my power colour but this dress is also available in black and blue.


Joan Dress by Glamour Bunny Click to buy

If you would like to get a sneak peak at the new season frocks from London Edge, hop on over to Instagram and follow me ahead of the pictures that I will be sharing with you on Sunday. Then remember to come back here next Friday for my round-up review!

Though I am very much looking forward to checking out all of the new treats on offer, I am tempted to slip into this wardrobe staple for the day to remind myself of the lasting power of one great dress.

Stay gorgeous!