Fashion on Friday: Addicted to Earrings

My name is Charlotte, and I am addicted to earrings.

The problem back in the Summer, when I found the most incredible pair of novelty lemon slice earrings to accessorise my lemon print dress from The Pretty Dress Company. I found them courtesy of an Instagram post, shared by my friend and fellow baker Becky Cummings of Pin Up Pantry (yes, Becky, I blame you for this) and clicked quite innocently through to the Luxulite Etsy shop.

Lemon Slice Earrings from Luxulite, with Mark Tilling at Foodies Festival Oxford
Dress by The Pretty Dress Company

I genuinely believed that these were the earrings; the only earrings I would need and a one time thing. How naive I was.

Big earrings have always been something I have loved and wanted to wear, but I lack the lobe-strength to wear heavy earrings for more than a short period of time. These luscious lemons (the earrings, eyes up!) are light enough to wear all day because the plastic is hollow. Frankly, this is genius and I was hooked. These vintage-inspired earrings in Lucite and Bakelite-esque plastics were the perfect finishing touch to any outfit I could create. Finally, big earrings were wearable. My inner Pat Butcher was awake and she had access to my credit card.

Click to peruse the Luxulite Etsy shop

Soon enough, package after beautifully wrapped package of goodies from designer Katy Crebbin at Luxulite started landing through my letterbox. Chris would notice that the small jewellery box I use was groaning under the weight of earrings that were far too big to fit inside it!

Jumbo Snowflake earrings

But I am making good use of my new collection. I genuinely love these earrings and have worn them many times over, as the following pictures will prove.

Jumbo Snowflake earrings by Luxulite, worn in the actual snow
Pearl Coat by Collectif

Stripy Candy Cane earrings by Luxulite, worn on a pre-Christmas Winchester getaway with my Mum

1950s/60s Novelty Leopard earrings from Luxulite, worn at The Chocolate Show with fellow baker Suzy Pelta.
Jacket by Collectif

It’s mainly an earring addiction but I am a sucker for a matching brooch. These leopard earrings have a matching leopard brooch – again, appealing to the Pat Butcher/Bet Lynch side of my personality – and I had to have it. These beautiful, fun pieces brighten up even a dressed down (OK, dressed down for me) look.

Leopard earrings and brooch from Luxulite on an autumnal wander around Wells.
Jacket and shirt by The House of Foxy
Jeans by Freddie’s of Pinewood
Sunnies by Joanie Clothing

Because he is a terrible enabler of both my retro clothing addiction and now my earring addiction, Chris picked up a couple of pairs of Luxulite earrings for stocking fillers on Christmas day. He’s a keeper!

Killer Atomic earrings by Luxulite in Forrest Green
Dress by Voodoo Vixen

The Killer Atomic Drop earrings by Luxulite are a new favourite. If only I had them in other colours… oh… wait… ordered!
With the wonderful Rachel Bothamley at What Katie Did.
Dress by Vivien of Holloway.

Thankfully, these are stocking filler price so my addiction is not too damaging! Prices range from £6.50 for a small pair to £10-£12 for a big pair. Yes, you will have to pay a small delivery charge but you will be supporting a rather wonderful small business. I do not know Katy Crebbin, other than from a little bit of social media stalking, but the care and attention that she puts into packaging each order that I have made, the speed at which my orders are processed and posted, as well as the general fabulousness of her product, leads me to deduce that this is one kickass small business worth supporting.

Hence this post!

I want you ALL to get addicted to Luxulite in the same way as I have. Maybe we could start a support group. It would be the best accessorised support group in town!

Stay gorgeous!