Fantasy Bakes: She-Ra

She-Ra was something different; she was a girl like I was a girl. The 1980s original She-Ra may be far from woke but the overall image of a woman saving the day was a good one to grow up on. This is the story of She-Ra and of one little girl growing up believing that she too could defeat the forces of evil with a sword and a unicorn.

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I would love to bake a cake for She-Ra. I’d make her my White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake because… well… it’s super pink.

If you have never seen an episode of 1980s She-Ra, here are the opening titles to catch you up. They are pretty self-explanatory!

And because I promised you Skeletor, here is a brilliant compilation of the most maniacal villain ever to be drawn. He is bad, he’s drawn that way.

You can read the original blog post that inspired this episode here: I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… She-Ra

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