Fantasy Bakes: Philippa Langley

In September 2012 the bones of King Richard III were discovered beneath a council car park in Leicester. This discovery has enabled us to look into the face of a man who has suffered from one heck of a bad PR campaign over the last 500 years. We are now able to reconsider the History books using all of the tools that modern science has provided.

This discovery was the result of historical research, and scientific knowledge imparted by many but the driving force behind making any of this happen was Philippa Langley of the Richard III Society. You have to be seriously bloody-minded to make something like this happen. Because of her dedication and determination we have been able to look into the face of the last King to have been killed in battle. Sorry, I should have said Philippa Langley MBE as her incredible work was swiftly recognised by the Queen.

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