Fantasy Bakes: Groucho Marx

Groucho Marx may as well have been a blood relative – I saw more of him growing up than I did of many family members!

You think I am exaggerating? Ask my parents and my little Brother. We watched Marx Brothers films all the time and I have always found it difficult to share this passion with my peers as I understand how strange it was to be watching such old movies as a child. A few years ago, I attended a double bill of Marx Bros movies in a cinema – watching these with an audience of other people who laugh BEFORE the jokes, was a joy from start to finish.

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Old movies gave me my sense of style AND my sense of humour and it is this that I am grateful to Groucho Marx, and the Marx Brothers for.

I would love to bake a Red Velvet Cake for Groucho Marx and you can get my recipe by clicking here.

In the podcast, I mentioned a few clips which I would like to share with you if you have never watched a Marx Brothers movie before. Have a look at these…

That’s the benefit of working with your siblings, right there!

Here’s Harpo Marx doing what he does best…

OK, one more but I imagine the current President singing this song all the time.

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