Easter Recipes with Food Thoughts Cocoa

As we approach a good solid 24 hours of (in my house) competitive chocolate consumption, I thought I should share a few chocolatey recipes with you.

I mean, if there is one thing you are going to need over the Easter weekend, it’s chocolate.

Working with Food Thoughts Cocoa is a constant pleasure for this unashamed chocoholic and I recommend their incredible Cacao Powder to any baking enthusiast. Being unrefined (like the chef) it gives a deeper intensity to my chocolate bakes and I am a bit of a convert… an evangelical one at that.

The recipes for my Cacao Brownies, Easter Showstopper Cake, and Fridge Fudge have all been shared by Food Thoughts on their website but I had this horrible worry that you may have missed them or not seen them so here they are, forever listed for your use on my Recipe Page.

Cacao Brownies for Food Thoughts Cocoa

Easter Showstopper Cake for Food Thoughts Cocoa

Easter Fridge Fudge for Food Thoughts Cocoa

There are videos to accompany each recipe too! Filmed in my kitchen as I tried my hardest not to just eat all of the chocolate in front of me.

If your tummy starts to rumble, you can pick up Food Thoughts Cocoa Powder, Cacao Powder, and Cacao Nibs at Sainsburys or Waitrose and if you are still not convinced into trying them out, I promise that I will have plenty of samples for you to taste in The Cake & Desserts Theatre at Foodies Festivals this year as Food Thoughts come on the road with us as a co-sponsor.

I’m off to try and sniff out any hidden Easter eggs…

Happy Easter to you and yours, however you celebrate. Enjoy the long weekend, bake something delicious, eat too much chocolate, watch an old movie.

Special thanks to Debra Somner Fraser for the fabulous photos.

Stay gorgeous!