Dreamcatcher Cake in Cake Decorating Heaven Magazine

If you pick up a copy of the March/April 2018 issue of Cake Decorating Heaven Magazine, you will see that I did not win the title of Cake Decorator of the Year. The award went to the incredible Zoe Clark and just being nominated next to someone so well-known and well-loved has been a pleasure. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me, it really does mean the world and as one who rarely enters competitions, the warm fuzzy feeling I got from the nomination was enough!

The full list of very worthy winners is printed in the magazine along with *drumroll* my Dreamcatcher Cake tutorial. I wanted to touch on a few trends in this tutorial so we have shades of greay and pink, marbling, and a sugar dreamcatcher. Yes, that is all made out of sugar, even the feathers and the netting of the dreamcatcher itself. To be honest, I see no reason why this would not do the trick if hung over your bed.

This tutorial features step-by-step pictures to help you recreate every detail from the Sugar Lace feathers to the hand-piped lettering.

This cake is so easy to personalise; I wrote DREAM on my cake because I’m a bit hippy at heart but change this up for a name and you’ve got a really nice Birthday cake here. My top tips for lettering are included in the article but, as you can see from the picture below, a big part of lettering is taking on one letter at a time and preparing a good set of guidelines on the cake before you start.

Nothing I do is rocket science – pick up a copy of Cake Decorating Heaven on your next supermarket run (it’s in all the big supermarkets as well as in some independent newsagents) and I will share all of my secrets with you. They’re hardly even secrets but once you know, you know.

Stay gorgeous!