Cover Girl!

As I was tidying my office yesterday, I found this rather wonderful picture.

My cakes, tutorials, and recipes have been featured on three front covers in recent weeks. Firstly, my Fool’s Gold and Rose Quartz Geode Cake tutorial is in Cake Decorating Heaven Magazine. This one was so much fun to create… a really simple approach to recreating the popular trend for Geode cakes.


I was chuffed as little mint balls to find it on the front cover.

Secondly, my Christmas Candy Cane Cake from my last book, Deliciously Decorated, was shared in Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine. I love this glamorous little design, which was also featured on the front cover of the Foodies Festival Christmas show guide.

I have just finished the most wonderful Valentine’s Day Cake tutorial and cannot wait to share this with you once it is published!

And there are plenty more of these to come in the new year.

Stay gorgeous!