Catch Up with Tony Rodd at Foodies Festival, Blackheath

It is a small mercy that I managed to write an article and edit a short video before my computer started playing fun games with me this afternoon… my advice for anyone with technical issues is to follow my example and step away from the beast. I switched off, did my nails, came back and all seemed to have sorted itself. Ish.

I caught up with my gorgeous friend Tony Rodd at Foodies Festival on Friday and wanted to share him with you. Tony is a fantastic chef (you may have seen him on Masterchef, where Gregg described Tony’s cooking as being as fabulous as his dress sense – I paraphrase, of course!) and I think he’s rather wonderful.

I really had the best time at Foodies over the weekend and want to thank all of you who came along and who came to my demos. It was a pleasure to meet so many of you and to feed you cake.

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Right now I am switching off my glitchy PC and walking away triumphantly as I’ve achieved stuff today. Mic drop.

Stay gorgeous!