Cake & Bake Show Manchester This Weekend

Good afternoon, you gorgeous lot! To say I’ve had a busy week would be something of an understatement.

My kitchen has been a frantic little production line of everything that is sweet and festive. Yes, it’s full on Christmas in here.

Tomorrow, I’ll be filming some of my favourite recipes with my friends at California Raisins and I look forward to sharing the results with you in time for your own festive baking. Everything has been designed to be quick, easy, inclusive (yes), and there’s not a manky currant or bit of peel in sight!

Then I’ll be prepping for my appearance at The Cake & Bake Show in Manchester on Sunday 12th November- that’s this weekend!

I may only be at the show for one day but you have three chances to catch me. I’ll be starting my day in the Super Theatre, showing you how make an Alternative Christmas Cake. Think boozy soaked cranberries and spice with, again, no manky currants involved. This is a free demo, just rock up to the Super Theatre and grab a seat. These are first come, first served. My demo starts at 10:30am so grab a cuppa and start the day with me!

My second demo is for the aspiring sugar artist; I will be showing you how to make Sugar Poinsettias in the Baking Academy at 1:30pm.

Sugar poinsettias, the perfect topper for any Christmas cake and easy to make ahead of time.

This is a smaller, ticketed demonstration, but costs only £6 to attend. You will get to see my work up close as I break this tricky looking flower down into seriously easy steps. I’m always happy to answer questions in this setting so click here if you have yet to buy your ticket.

It’s not often that I can say this but if you love watching my Sugar Poinsettias demo at Cake & Bake and worry that you will not be able to remember all of the steps at home, there is a DVD of the step by step tutorial FREE with the current issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine!

The magazine is available in shops now so perfect if you cannot get to the show! Click here to pick up a copy via the magic of the internet. I’ll be hanging around the Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine stand in between my demos on Sunday so this is a perfect opportunity to come and say hello as well as asking any of your cakey questions.

The DVD also features the making of my Alternative Christmas Cake and the recipe is printed for you in the magazine too. Can you believe it? I’ve got your Christmas cake sorted. The DVD has two levels of decoration; one for a quick and easy cake and one for a little more traditional feel.

Behind the scenes shot from our filming day in June… yes, I am that fascinated by piping nozzles!

I love to spoil you and I know that this is the time of year when many of you will be heading into your kitchens to bake a showstopper cake for your friends and family. The cold days are coming and there are few places more perfect to spend them than in a warm kitchen, scented with spice and sweet things.

This is followed closely by a pub with a real fire. That’s a very close second!

Stay gorgeous!