Deliciously Decorated

Learn how to make unique, show-stopping themed cakes, cupcakes and cookies with bespoke cake maker extraordinaire Charlotte White. She’ll provide the building blocks, confidence and know-how to tackle her remarkable creations, and you’ll amaze friends, family, and most importantly, yourself!

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TestimonalIconLeft2 The best part of this book is that once the techniques have been learned they can be used to create your own creative cake masterpieces! Overall I think the book offers a lot for newbie cake decorators, like myself, and a lot for those who have been decorating for years!TestimonalIconRight2

Lisa Niblock – United Cakedom

Burlesque Baking

Burlesque and baking – was there ever a more sublime pairing of art forms? Unashamedly pushing indulgence and epitomizing beauty, teases your tastebuds with these 25 lavish cakes and bakes, inspired by the sensational stars of the Burlesque scene.

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TestimonalIconLeft2 White’s joy in burlesque is evident in her recipes… Mary Berry would probably give them full marks. Just as long as you didn’t tell her where the inspiration came from.TestimonalIconRight2

Leah Hyslop – The Telegraph