Big in Russia!

I had to share this with you as I am so excited about it… I’ve been featured on BBC Russia!

I was approached by the charming host, Ben Tavener, and his team at Foodies Festival on Blackheath Common this weekend and asked if I wouldn’t mind being filmed for their report. I suggested that perhaps Ben could compere my demo on stage and help with the baking and decorating of my Pistachio & Raspberry Cake. Ben did a fantastic job and I would hire him as an assistant any day!

The full report is via the link below and, though it is (obviously) all in Russian, you will get a good sense of how much fun we all have at Foodies.

If any Russian speakers want to translate my appearance for me…

Thank you to Ben and the team for featuring me. I’m genuinely thrilled to be appearing on BBC Russia.

Remember too that you can join in with all of this fun at a Foodies Festival near you this summer. Check out my Events page for the full list of shows that I will be appearing at… including Edinburgh in August! I cannot wait to visit beautiful Scotland again!

World domination, here I come.

Stay gorgeous!