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Banana Frosting


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There is a very good reason why I separated this Banana Frosting recipe from its natural home alongside my Banana Cake

…it’s just soooo good on so many other cakes!

Think about it, how good would this creamy Banana Frosting be on a Chocolate Cupcake?
I also happen to have a few other recipes which I know that this would be perfect with so, in the interest of future-proofing, here is the recipe.




20 mins

Sufficient to fill and cover an 8” cake
or to pipe on 12 cupcakes


250g unsalted butter
200g cream cheese
500-750g icing sugar
2tbsp banana milkshake powder


  1. Begin by beating the butter until it is creamy and soft. This is best done with room temperature butter, which will take far less time to whip up.
  2. Add half of your icing sugar and beat until combined. A tea-towel draped over your mixer bowl will prevent an icing sugar explosion!
  3. Add your cream cheese and beat until combined. Add the banana milkshake powder and enough icing sugar to make a buttercream that is soft and spreadable but not runny, the consistency of thick whipped cream. It is hard to be specific about the exact amount of icing sugar that you will need as this is affected by ambient temperature. Beat for a further few minutes until light and deliciously fluffy. This extra time results in a really light buttercream that melts in the mouth.

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