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Whether I am writing recipes, film reviews, or historical novels,
I am always writing.

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My current WIP is a historical novel set in the court of Charles II...

Look, I called my company Restoration Cake for a reason! I've always been interested in the world of King Charles II and the people who inhabited it. My novel is set within this world and I do not plan to stop at just the one! My passion project is this series of titles.

My latest 17th century commission has been to contribute an essay on Charles II to the forthcoming book 'Kings & Queens' by Iain Dale. This is slated for release in October 2023 and I am excited to share my take on the Merry Monarch with you.

I regularly contribute to Inside History Magazine, who kindly indulge me by publishing my articles on 17th century history and classic Hollywood, as well as the occasional film review or event preview.

I have two published cake decorating recipe books available - Burlesque Baking and Deliciously Decorated.

I have previously written recipes and cake decorating tutorials published in Cake Decorating & Sugarcraft Magazine, Cake Decorating Heaven, Sainsburys Magazine, Vintage Life Magazine, as well as on numerous blogs.

I have also written and developed recipes in partnership with several brands including LittlePod, California Raisins, Food Thoughts Cocoa, and California Walnuts.

Previous Publications

Previous Publications
Charlotte White Restoration Cake

Fantasy Bakes

Who would I love to bake a cake for?

I wrote a blog series in which I imagined baking for various people who inspire me - from the super famous and frankly unobtainable (like Barack Obama and RuPaul) to the super dead (like Groucho Marx and Marilyn Monroe). I then adapted this into a podcast series called Fantasy Bakes.

Everything took a backseat for the novel BUT you never know, I may record another series someday soon. Have a listen and let me know who you would love to bake a cake for...

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These are my favourite recipes. They are pretty foolproof and there should be something for everyone.

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