200th Blog Post!

I’m not quite sure how we got here but here we are.

This is just a very quick thank you to those of you who read this blog. Sometimes I write about cake but often I’ll just let you into the weird world in which I operate. It’s a world in which I can bake for my heroes (some long since departed, such as William Shakespeare, the subject of yesterday’s fantasy bake) and share my obsession with vintage-inspired fashion. Having you all along for the ride is simply wonderful.

I would love to bake for you all to say a huge thank you!

Maybe you could all come along to a Foodies Festival this summer to say hello… I’ll have plenty of cake and sweet things to share with you. Just click here to see when I am coming to a town near you.

So thank you for reading. This blog is genuinely my outlet – I do not write this for any other reason than that I love to write and, without payment or deadline, I can write about what I feel whenever I want! Thank you for indulging me and for wandering through my world every once in a while.

Stay gorgeous!


PS If you love the blingy candles on my cake, check out the wonderful Birthdays with Sparkle by clicking here.