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Hello you gorgeous lot, I 'm Charlotte White

Author, presenter and (arguably) the creative genius behind Restoration Cake

You will find me writing about the world of King Charles II, or the classic era of Hollywood. There are no in-betweens! I'm all about the glamour, and the grit behind the glam.

You will also find me co-hosting episodes of History Hack and Alex Churchill's new After Hours podcast, exploring the bedroom antics of historical monarchs in the most scholarly way we can manage. There is a lot of giggling.

You will find me teaching film theory, film history, and media studies.

You will always find me in the kitchen at parties.

Charlotte White Restoration Cake

I love being a part of the History Hack team

History Hack is a bonkers podcast, bringing you the history that you love from the very best historians and authors, presented by acclaimed historian Alexandra Churchill a selection of co-hosts I am proud to be a part of. I even host my very own mini-series 'MsUnderstood' which explores the lives of women who have been forgotten, ignored, omitted, or simply misunderstood by the history books.

The episodes where I am the featured guest, co-host, or Down the Pub regular are here for you BUT, with two episodes every week, there are many more episodes available here

You can listen to History Hack as well as my own podcast Fantasy Bakes using the buttons below.

My latest episode of History Hack

Charlotte White Restoration Cake

These are my favourite recipes. They are pretty foolproof and there should be something for everyone.

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