Rainbow Unicorn Cake Tutorial in RocknRoll Bride Magazine

I am so excited to share these pictures with you! I created a DIY tutorial for RocknRoll Bride Magazine which has been featured in Issue 14 OUT IN STORES TOMORROW. RocknRoll Bride is the authority on alternative wedding styling and I am thrilled to be a little part of this latest, stunning piece of print media. For those of you who know the … Read More

Fashion on Friday: Just Like That Bluebird

A quick nod to Fashion on Friday ahead of my roadtrip down to Brighton… Foodies Festival launches tomorrow with our awesome launch show on Hove Lawns. Seriously, if you are in Brighton or London or frankly anywhere where you can get down to Brighton over the Bank Holiday weekend, you are not going to want to miss this show. Plus, … Read More

Weekend Bakes: California Raisin Scones

It’s all becoming very real… today, I will be packing up my most glamorous frocks and packing those last few essential pieces of baking kit before heading down to Brighton tomorrow. Foodies Festival starts this weekend! YES! Chances are that I will be coming to a town near you between now and September with the Foodies Festival roadshow so be … Read More

Wedding Cake Wednesday: Chocolate Drip Cake

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that I delivered two very different Wedding Cakes on Saturday. The cakes were very different because these were two very different Weddings and each cake needed to fit perfectly within the day. This week, I will be looking at the second of these cakes on my delivery day. My handsome assistant, … Read More

200th Blog Post!

I’m not quite sure how we got here but here we are. This is just a very quick thank you to those of you who read this blog. Sometimes I write about cake but often I’ll just let you into the weird world in which I operate. It’s a world in which I can bake for my heroes (some long … Read More

I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… William Shakespeare

With yesterday being the Birthday, or the Deathday, or possibly both of William Shakespeare, I could think of no-one I would rather bake a cake for today. I am unashamedly enamored of Shakespeare. This love affair started at a young age and, while I could blame this all upon my parents who encouraged and enabled me, this feels far too … Read More

Fashion on Friday: Rock-a-Hula Separates

It’s the weekend (again) klaxon! How’s your short week been? I’ve been hard at work on two rather lovely Wedding Cakes, finalising plans for Foodies Festival Brighton next weekend *mild panic*, and preparing to tell some rather lovely press folk all about This Morning Live – follow my Instagram story today for this today! But I did want to share … Read More

Work in Progress Wednesday: The Foodies Cake Off is Coming!

Hello, you gorgeous lot. I have no idea where that lovely long weekend went and find myself in the midst of ANOTHER short week with no less on my to-do list. I’d complain but I love my job and my boss is a total cow who doesn’t take complaints anyway… I’m my own boss. I thought I’d share some super … Read More

I’ve Been Doing This for Ten Years Now

In a little departure from Fashion on Friday, I thought I should share this with you. Chris reminded me this morning that it has been ten years since I made my first Wedding Cake. On 14th April 2007, I delivered 150 cupcakes to Lyse and Ziggy’s wedding. These friends were getting hitched and I loved to bake so offered cupcakes … Read More

A House of York Wedding Cake

Who’s looking forward to a four-day weekend? I vow to spend at least one day stuffing my face full of chocolate eggs and resting up before the Foodies Festival season kicks off at the end of the month. In the meantime, I’m happy to tell you that the latest issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine is now available in … Read More