I’m in the Bedford Clanger!

I am so proud to live in beautiful Bedford. Chris and I left London in February 2015 and moved into the most wonderful community of creatives and, frankly, weirdos… I can say that because they are my friends and I love them. The last eighteen months have been some of the most creative and inspired that I have experienced and … Read More

I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Joe Bartley

Good morning, you gorgeous lot! I hope that you have all had a fabulous weekend and are ready to attack this new week with gusto. My subject for this week’s Monday post is a little different to those that I have featured in the past – and I so hope that you are enjoying these little flights of fantasy baking … Read More

Fashion on Friday: Festive Frocks

Good afternoon, you gorgeous lot. I have been a little quiet and neglected the blog this week. For this, I apologise but I have some excellent excuses… I have been a busy little bee, hustling, plotting, and planning the most fabulous 2017. At present, it looks like I will be out on the road at even more festivals in even … Read More

Wedding Cake Wednesday: A Big Gay Wedding Cake

I thought a little colour was needed on the blog today. I’ve been wrapped up in my own plotting and planning over the last few days – even my day off was partially spent thinking about 2017 – so I wanted to share some love and brightness today. This is a cake that I have shared before but the pictures … Read More

I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Elsa and Anna from Frozen

Good morning, you gorgeous lot. I am back! After the most wonderful weekend in Edinburgh at the last Foodies Festival of 2016, I am home. As it happens, I am now home for a while as that is it for shows this year. It has been the most incredible year – I have met so many of you and travelled … Read More

Fashion on Friday: By Popular Demand

Coat by Collectif, Turban by Sarah’s DooWop Dos This is something I have thought about doing for a while… I am addicted to reproduction vintage fashion, that is no secret. When I hit the age of around 21, I bought a string of fake pearls and a full set of Music to Watch Girls By CDs. I needed to hear … Read More

Weekend Bakes: I’ve Been Having a Mini Moment!

(Dress by The House of Foxy)  What a week! Yesterday, I was in my kitchen all day with my rather fabulous director, Emily, making our first video. There was probably far too much giggling to be proper serious grown-ups and we took a break to watch an episode of The Mighty Boosh. I think this is going to be the … Read More

Wedding Cake Wednesday: Here Comes 2017

The week between two shows is always a little weird. Kit is hardly even unpacked before it is being put back into the suitcase once again! As such, I am a little manic at present. Not being one for slowing down, I visited the wonderful Food Matters Live yesterday to get inspired by small producers, sustainable produce, free-from alternatives, and a … Read More

Foodies Festival Christmas is Coming to Edinburgh!

Good morning, you gorgeous lot! I had the best time at Foodies Festival Christmas in London at the weekend. I enlisted Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea as my glamorous assistant once again… We baked up a Candy Kitten cascade cake together. He is so hired! I also had the chance to chat to GBBO winner, Candice Brown as she baked. … Read More

I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Katie of What Katie Did

(Picture: Richard Nicholson) I wanted a lighter subject as we move into a new week. The past few weeks have been heavy and, though I am by no means suggesting that global and sexual politics are done and dusted, I think we could all do with something more pleasant to think about. Underwear. Undercrackers. Knickers. I’m giggling, are you? I … Read More